Solar Panel Installation - How to Get Your Solar Panels Installed

There are many factors to consider before implementing a solar panel installation project. Using a qualified professional is a good idea, particularly if you're planning to install solar panels on your roof. If you're unsure of how to do this, you should watch a solar panel installation video first. It will walk you through the process step by step. The installation video will also help you identify components, such as micro-inverters and power optimizers.

First, you should consider the location of your solar panel installation. You will need to have an extra room to accommodate the scaffolding. If possible, you should remove outdoor furniture and leave enough space to install the solar panels. Once installed, solar panels can increase the value of your home. The Blue Raven Solar even recommend getting a solar panel installation company to take care of this for you. 

The installation process can be complicated and time-consuming, so it's best to let a professional take care of everything.When choosing a solar panel installation company, make sure that you choose one that sends an engineer to assess your home. This individual will make sure that your electrical system is compatible with the solar panel design. They may be an employee of the solar installation company or an independent contractor. They'll also check whether your existing electrical system needs upgrading or replacement, as an outdated system will need more amps. Ultimately, your solar installation will be a good investment.

When choosing the right solar panel mounting system, consider the height and shape of your roof. You can choose a ground-mount or roof-mount mounting method. The height and spacing of the solar panels should be proportional to the rails. During the installation process, you should check the spec sheet of each panel to make sure they will fit. If the roof is made of metal, choose a material that has the appropriate thickness to accommodate the solar array. Solar panel installation requires the final inspection before you can turn your solar system on. The inspector on this page will check the electrical wiring and mounting and ensure that everything is in compliance with the electrical codes in your town. Once all of these have been checked, the installer may also install a net meter, which will track how much power you're generating and send back to the grid if you're not using all of it. Your installer will also be able to recommend which solar panels and power optimizers are best suited for your home. Solar installers will need to inspect the roof to ensure that it is structurally sound and free of obstructions. After they've inspected the roof, they'll install mounting equipment and wiring to connect the solar system to your home's electrical system. The solar panel installation process can take a single day if the work is performed by a professional. If you don't have the time to do all the necessary steps, consider hiring a solar installation company to handle this process for you.

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